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Rare Limited Edition Starter Kit


Rare Limited Edition Kits

These Bulk Domino kits are rare! They come with a RANDOM assortment of the pictured accessories, and depending on what kit size you choose (starter, expert, or master) determines how many pieces you get!

These accessories are one of a kind absolutely not available in the other kits! With accessories so unique, you will be able to make different setups and 3d structures. Simple and easy to use parts so you can get started toppling dominoes right away! With the perfect blend of bulk dominoes for domino runs and 3D structures and enough accessories to make it ultra fun and easy starting out. 

Starter Kit Includes:

  • 200 - Mixed Dominoes ( Pro size )
  • 1 - Bridge  ( 2 pcs ) 
  • 2 - Straight Tracks ( 5" )
  • 1 - Domino Spinner
  • 1 - Domino Template
  • Expandable Interlocking Design
  • Made in the USA


Building and designing with dominoes are great for STEM and STEAM -  Science, technology, engineering, Arts, and mathematics. Stacking dominoes also uses hand eye coordination and there is a great level of accomplishment and satisfaction when they all fall down.

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